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Psychosis (2010)

  • Rate: 3.7/10 total 746 votes 
  • Genre: Crime | Horror | Mystery | Thriller
  • Release Date: 11 January 2011 (USA)
  • Runtime: 89 min
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Psychosis (2010)


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  • IMDb page: Psychosis (2010)
  • Rate: 3.7/10 total 746 votes 
  • Genre: Crime | Horror | Mystery | Thriller
  • Release Date: 11 January 2011 (USA)
  • Runtime: 89 min
  • Filming Location: London, England, UK
  • Budget: $1,200,000(estimated)
  • Director: Reg Traviss
  • Stars: Charisma Carpenter, Paul Sculfor and Ricci Harnett
  • Original Music By: Scott Shields   
  • Plot Keyword: Novelist | Blood | Nightmare | Foot Fetish | Deception

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Michael Armstrong  story
  • Reg Traviss 

Known Trivia

    Goofs: Continuity: Susan is laying on the bed with one leg dangling over the edge, waiting for David to return from checking downstairs. You see her leg in the mirror, dangling, foot not touching the floor. The camera then goes to a close up, floor level, of a hand reaching for Susan's foot, which is now touching the floor. Right before the hand grabs her ankle the camera goes back out to show Susan and the mirror. The mirror clearly shows Susan's foot off the floor again with the hand around it.

    Plot: A serial killer unleashes his blood lust at a remote environmental-camp. Years later a horror novelist relocates to rural England and is plagued to the point of madness by horrific hauntings of a massacre. Full summary » |  »

    Story: In 1992 a group of young Anarchists braved the snow covered wilderness to set up camp against the construction of a motorway by-pass. A terrible fate awaited them. 15 years later Susan, a successful horror novelist and sensitive soul relocates from her native California to the rural English countryside in search of peace. The newly-wed finds it in an idyllic, remote Hamlet. It is here that Susan's living nightmare unfolds.Written by Anonymous  

    FullCast & Crew

    Produced By:

    • Mick Berry known as associate producer
    • Richard Delahay known as associate producer
    • Patrick Fischer known as producer
    • Peter F. Gardner known as associate producer
    • Philip Gutzwiller known as executive producer
    • James Harris known as line producer
    • Rupert Ingram known as executive producer
    • Ben Jacques known as executive producer
    • Daniel Millar known as executive producer
    • Luke Montagu known as executive producer: Met Film
    • Cyrill Moser known as executive producer
    • Fred Porter known as associate producer
    • Richard Raynesford known as executive producer
    • Katrena Rochell known as executive producer
    • Mark Rowe known as executive producer
    • Russell Stopford known as executive producer: Met Film

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Charisma Carpenter known as Susan Golden
    • Paul Sculfor known as David
    • Ricci Harnett known as Peck
    • Justin Hawkins known as Josh
    • Ty Glaser known as Emily
    • Bernard Kay known as Reverend Swan
    • Richard Raynesford known as Charles
    • Sean Chapman known as Detective Sergeant
    • Katrena Rochell known as Helena
    • Tom Gaughan known as The Maniac
    • Darren Bransford known as Giro
    • Slaine Kelly known as Kirsty
    • Josh Myers known as Snake
    • Sarah Briggs known as Jade
    • Alexander Ellis known as Roger
    • Eileen Pollock known as Miss Kessler
    • Neil McCaul known as The Hunter
    • Al Minton known as Nathan
    • Sybille Gebhardt known as Sarah
    • Jennifer Akaegbu known as Charles' secretary
    • Axelle Carolyn known as Michele
    • Marco Gambino known as Joe Lema
    • Raven Isis known as Jacuzzi girl (as Raven Isis Holt)
    • Maria Arenlind known as Suzanne
    • Holly Atkins known as Bar customer
    • Paul Atlee known as Police Officer (as Paul Attlee)
    • Svetlana Berglas known as Bar customer
    • A.J. Bignall known as Voice of Radio News Reader (voice) (as AJ Bignall 'Bang Radio 103.6 FM')
    • Phil Bloomberg known as Party man
    • Julia Boikova known as Blonde school girl
    • Michael Caine known as Police Officer
    • Roy Carey known as Barman
    • Steven Christie known as Police Officer
    • Kerrie Crow known as Police Officer
    • Philip Gutzwiller known as Police Officer (as Philipp Gutzwiller)
    • Tim Hitchcock known as Bar customer
    • Alice Hodgson known as Brunette school girl
    • James Hunt known as Police Officer
    • Suad Isis Nubia known as Party girl
    • Ben Jacques known as Police Officer
    • Elisa Kustow known as Bar customer
    • Helena Linder known as Rock Chick
    • Philip Mann known as Swiss man
    • William Matheson known as Adult film actor
    • Jane Mcdowell known as Voice of Michele (voice) (as Jane McDowell)
    • Johnny Mitchell known as Party man
    • Nathalie Monroe known as Party girl
    • Oliver Morris known as Party man
    • Cyrill Moser known as Police Superintendent (as Cyril Moser)
    • Anoosh Naghibi known as Party man
    • Alfred Pacher known as Man in bed
    • John Piney known as Party man
    • E. Plus known as Voice of Radio DJ (voice) (as E Plus 'Bang Radio 103.6 FM')
    • Alistair James Powell known as Police Officer
    • Lilly Roma known as Party girl
    • Anja Skidan known as Party girl
    • Georgie Swan known as Party man
    • Kasik Thomas Sztolc known as Police Inspector
    • Lydia Sztolc known as Police Officer
    • Kate Woodhead known as Waitress



    Supporting Department

    Makeup Department:
    • Justyna Dobrowolska known as key makeup artist
    • Ruth Pease known as assistant makeup artist
    • Krystal Phillips known as hair stylist: Ms. Carpenter
    • Krystal Phillips known as makeup artist: Ms. Carpenter
    • Tristan Versluis known as special makeup effects artist

    Art Department:

    • Jamie Bishop known as art department assistant
    • Sophie Turner known as art department assistant
    • Carl Waters known as art department assistant




    Production Companies:

    • Kingsway Films
    • Red Sparrow

    Other Companies:

    • Met Film Post  post-production facilities
    • United Post Services  international deliverables


    • Lionsgate Australia (2010) (Australia) (theatrical)
    • Lionsgate (2010) (Italy) (theatrical)
    • Lionsgate (2010) (Portugal) (theatrical)
    • Lionsgate (2010) (South Africa) (theatrical)
    • DTP Entertainment (2011) (Germany) (DVD)
    • E1 Entertainment Distribution (2010) (USA) (all media)
    • Entertainment One
    • Kam & Ronson Enterprise Co (2010) (Hong Kong) (DVD)
    • Lionsgate (2010) (Belgium) (DVD)
    • Lionsgate (2010) (UK) (all media)
    • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (2010) (Australia) (DVD)
    • Videorama (2011) (Greece) (all media)



    Other Stuff

    Visual Effects by:
    • Jonathan Briggs known as compositor
    • David Chapman known as vfx compositor

    Release Date:

    • UK 13 July 2010 (London) (premiere)
    • UK 19 July 2010 (DVD premiere)
    • USA 11 January 2011
    • Spain 20 February 2011 (TV premiere)

    MPAA: Rated R for bloody violence, strong sexuality, nudity and language



    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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    1. Maddis from United States
      30 Mar 2012, 12:08 am

      Just terrible. Bad acting, bad script, pacing was 100% predictable andthere was not one cliché left uncopied. The only press this is going toget is from extraneous, irrelevant tabloid schlock. Once the film isseen by more than just the makers of the movie, its going straight tothe bargin bin. There were a few redeeming special effects but tossedin but with the nonsensical storyline, it hardly saves the movie. Toadd a twist convincingly, you have to make us care about theprotagonist, there was no one in this movie that didn't look like theyjust walked out of a spray tan booth and teeth whitening salon. Justaged actors who seem to think by flashing a smile and looking pretty,they can compensate for their plastic personas. Did not enjoy this onebit sad to say. Funny that almost all of the 20 something votes forthis film are 10/10, wonder where that came from? I would suggestavoiding.

    2. AvidLV426 from United Kingdom
      30 Mar 2012, 12:08 am

      Just saw this a couple of days ago, and am still wondering why this wasmade. First off the plot for this film could barely of filled a 10minute short, and yet was stretched to fill the duration of this socalled feature. All the layers that the director mentioned he added inthe making of made no sense, didn't go anywhere and added nothing tothe film. Acting was beyond poor, especially by a certain lead man.Lighting seemed flat. On the upside, some of the special effects seemedpretty well done (a fake head in particular) but are not enough to savethe film.

      The only interesting thing on the DVD was the making of, and interviewwith the cast. Maybe they should have got that guy to direct instead.

      Watch at your own risk.

    3. candlemansa from Ireland
      30 Mar 2012, 12:08 am

      'Psychosis' is an example of a movie that I'm sure read brilliantly onpage. The story is there, old English house, horror writer retreat;descent into madness, at times it reminded me of the Demi Moore film'Half Light' although that's an example of how it should be done. Thesetting of 'Psychosis' is spot on creating a country atmosphere similarto 'Watcher in the woods'. However hampered by wooden acting (save forits two leads) and stilted dialogue, it's hard to warm to thecharacters or become engaged in the story.

      Charisma Carpenter and Paul Sculfor are both easy to watch and had theybeen given a slightly bigger budget, tweaked dialogue and bettersurrounding actors then this could have been a winner. There is somechilling vision in the film (notably the tent scene at the start withthe man licking the feet, cryptic I know but I don't want to spoilanything) but that vision seems to fade into clichés very quickly.There is a twist, it's a small one but unique and again showedpotential for something better.

      I watched this because I am a Charisma Carpenter fan so to other fansout there I will say its better than Scyfy's awful 'House of Bones', soif it comes down to the two watch this one.

    4. dissolvedpaul ( from scotland
      30 Mar 2012, 12:08 am

      EDIT- At the time I was writing I was not aware that it was in fact a"Remake" of the second story in the 1983 film "Screamtime". Thereforeyou can understand why I thought that it was a direct rip off of thisparticular movie. For your enjoyment here is my original review andfeelings written before knowing it was a 'remake'::

      I will keep this review short but I'm still in shock after seeing thismovie. Not because it was scary, not because it shocked me, not becauseI was bowled over by its brilliance. No, simply because I've nevershook my head in disbelief at such outright plagiarism in amovie.Clearly the Director was really really hoping that no one hadever seen the fantastic little anthology horror film "Scream time" from1983, more specifically, the second story in this film "Dream house".Now the stories in "Scream time" are relatively short since it's ananthology movie so in order to pad out "Psychosis", the director had atleast to attempt to introduce some other little elements to attempt tokeep things interesting before the scene for scene stealing begins.Unfortunately these elements are dull, lots of sex which is notthrilling in the least and flat acting. The movie falls flat veryquickly overall to be honest and towards the end and dotted throughout,the 'hallucinations' of Charisma Carpenter are about the mostinteresting thing happening. Her name is the most charismatic thingabout the movie, it's never scary due to some dull direction,predictable soundtrack and characters that are never in the least bitlikable at any point. It starts off initially with a "slasher film"type prologue which really does nothing for the rest of the film, onlyserving to confuse and then we watch as Carpenter slowly descends intothe "Psychosis" of the title. On my first viewing I already picked upon how much it was stealing from the "Dream house" episode of "Screamtime" to the point where I was pointing out things before they evenhappened. I could not believe it. The director should be rightlyridiculed for such stealing and I'm sure more and more people will pickup on this as they see it. It's a shame because movies like this willget lots of exposure and acclaim from people none the wiser where as"Scream time" remains unreleased on DVD anywhere in the world and is afar more scary and interesting little 80's film. Spoilers——Charisma's Hallucinations are wholesale lifted from "Dream house". Thiswill make sense if you've seen it. She constantly see's someone inblack playing with a football outside in her garden but when she goesout to tell him off she's gone. 'Dream house' -The main actressconstantly see's a little boy riding on a bike outside in her gardenbut when she goes out to tell him off she's gone. In "Psychosis" thehusband calls a Psychic to the house to investigate after Charisma hascomplained about all the visions she's been seeing and the psychictells Charisma that there is nothing there at all.

      Almost exactly the same scene happens in 'Dream house' and the Psychictells the husband she is possibly mad.

      Towards the end, when the murders start to play out more extended, themadman stabs the victims repeatedly and at one point, charisma grabs atelephone and throws it at the vision, (the madman is strangling thevictim using the telephone) which promptly vanishes. In "Dream house",the murders are playing out and the actress grabs a telephone andthrows it at the vision of the man stabbing and strangling the victimwith the telephone wire which promptly vanishes.

      At the end, Charisma's husband (Charisma is in a mental hospital afterall this) greets the "new owner" and we are introduced to the newpeople moving in, all of whom we've seen previously in the visions likethe man playing with the football etc. The husband says goodbye andgets into his car where he has his throat slashed by the madman andgoes into a fit, holding his foot down on the accelerator and the radiosays that a crazed murder has escaped from a mental hospital and is onthe loose. In "Dream House", exactly the same thing happens. Thehusband welcomes the new owners, says they hope they will be happythere and all around him, the people we have seen being murdered areworking around him, like the decorator painting the window and the boyriding the bike. The husband gets into his car and is attacked frombehind, has his throat slashed and goes into a fit, holding his footdown on the accelerator. The radio announces that a crazed murderer hasescaped from a mental hospital and is on the loose. It's quite sad thatit's so obvious really. Clearly this director though he would get awaywith it but I reckon it's going to come back on him at one point oranother. Watch "Scream time" and the "dream house" episode if you canget a copy. It's infinitely better than this poor excuse for a copy ofa movie.

    5. bigc-47-136628 from NZ
      30 Mar 2012, 12:08 am

      Wow. this movie is so bad it's almost epic. The acting is so dreadfulthat you spend the first 15 minutes wondering if it's deliberate. (It'snot).

      The first slash and hack scene is not only pointless but laughable – ifthe hippie group had been aiming for a "dirty wooden zombie" feel, theynailed it, but I am pretty sure that it wasn't deliberate. Natch! Itwent down hill from wooden zombie… to wallow and sink in it's ownpuddle of mediocrity – but at least Charisma's hair looked fabulousthrough out.

      I kept hoping that that SOME ONE would leap out of a cupboard and sliceand dice everybody involved in the making of this movie (including thescript writers and special effects department) for crimes against thedramatic arts… that alone may have saved this "feature". (sigh) Donot watch this if you want horror or drama – you WILL regret the lossof the hour and a half. Once that time is gone, you can never get itback.

      If you MUST watch this movie, then I would recommend a two bottle winebuffer.

    6. trashgang from Midian
      30 Mar 2012, 12:08 am

      When it was available in the shops were I wander around it wasimmediately in sale. I should have known better. This is not good,simple as that. The main leads, Paul Sculfor and Charisma Carpenteraren't believable. Just watch at the end of the movie when something ishappening to Paul, the acting given is not good. And Charisma couldn'tconvince me too, you see them both acting. But that's not the onlyproblem. It's low on the red stuff so there should be some otherteasers to watch but sadly it isn't. It's never frightening. just watchthe first 5 minutes and the last 15 minutes, forget what lays inbetween. Could have been so much better…

    7. Aaron J. Hartje from De Pere, WI
      30 Mar 2012, 12:08 am

      I didn't find this movie as slow-moving as most, but it WAS aspointless as they've written. At first the ending was marginallysurprising until I thought about it for five seconds. The only reasonit was surprising is because of the misdirection of the movie's first10 minutes. Remove that and the lease ingenuous viewer will know whatthe deal is after about 30 minutes.

      Very linear and predictable with extra characters that really donothing to advance or even influence the story. It really could havebeen told with about five characters.

      Very little was done to explain why the lead sees what she sees otherthan a few vague words from a medium, but even at that there is noexplanation as to why she sees things now, but apparently never did thefirst 35 (or so) years of her life.

      Still, it's decent enough for ambient viewing while loading adishwasher or doing some paperwork. You've seen it enough times to nothave to pay rapt attention, but it's not some obviously cheap, horriblyacted flick that shoots entirely in day-for-night blue.

    8. meshman79 from United Kingdom
      30 Mar 2012, 12:08 am

      I'm a massive fan of this movie, it's a perfectly executed re-imaginingof 1983's Scream Time. Charisma Carpenter is a great choice for thelead role of 'Susan' and she successfully pulls off a difficultcharacter arch that sees her transform from a settled, confident womaninto a truly tortured soul. Ricci Harnett is also great as the rathercreepy groundsman 'Peck' and Paul Sculfor is a very clever choice forSusan's husband – adding a level of credibility and logic to the filmthat I won't spoil with this review. If like me, you like your horrorto be full of suspense, thrills, sex and deception – you should watchthis movie.

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